International Women’s Day | Wishes and Quotes

Women are the divine creations of God who add meaning to our lives and shape our future. Be it a mother or a wife, a sister or even a daughter, you can not imagine a life without them. They are the most precious elements of one’s life and deserve to be celebrated at least once a year. To honour their dedication and affection, we celebrate Women’s Day on 8th March each year.

International Women’s Day was first celebrated on 8th March 1975, making it the International Women’s Year. The day is observed with a different theme each year and the theme for 2023 was “Embrace Equity.“

Talking of the future, women are known for their affection for presents and their grip over your past. Keeping the fun part aside, women struggle to stand by men in some parts of the world, but on a personal note, women are superior to men. Men can never achieve what a woman has and never go through the hard times like women. You can always cherish her deeds with gifts and special gestures like a memorable outing or a handmade craft. Whatever it is, she’ll love it.

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Let’s celebrate this Women’s Day with some wishes and quotes that remind us how important women are and how we can make the day special for them;

Wishes and Quotes on Women’s Day

  • She embodies the essence of aspiration, dedication, action, and accomplishment, and she is none other than “You.” I wish you a joyful Women’s Day in 2023.
  • While there may be few things a woman can’t do, there are numerous instances where men can scarcely imagine taking a stand. Have a joyous Women’s Day.
  • The inherent strength of being a woman is a superpower in itself. Let us celebrate and honour it. Happy Women’s Day 2023
  • Women possess the remarkable ability to metaphorically undergo both rebirth and creation simultaneously. Embrace your pride in being a woman on this Happy Women’s Day!
  • It is often said that God created man before woman, much like a rough draft before the final masterpiece. Women truly are exceptional beings. Happy Women’s Day!

A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman

Melinda Gates

Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a tremendous amount of unnoticed, unsung work

Hillary Clinton

Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition

Marilyn Monroe

Women are the real architects of society


A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water

Eleanor Roosevelt

We hope you cherish the presence of women in your life and make this women’s day a lot more special for her to remember. Have a wonderful day with the woman of your life.

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